“Nike fitbit amazon” explantation, let’s make it clear!

Among the various brands of fitness trackers, Nike’s product is the one that you can find on Amazon with above 3 stars. Let’s check out how people talked in Nike fitbit Amazon reviews.

Although “Fitbit” is a name of the company that makes fitness technology products this word has promptly become popular that used to talk about other kinds of activity trackers. The main purpose of this gadget is to count how many steps or movements you make each day. Besides, some brands also provide other cool features such as calculating calories burnt, heart rate or even show how well you sleep at night.

Nike+ Fuelband, which sometimes might be miscalled as Nike Fitbit Charge (while Fitbit Charge is a Fitbit’s product), is introduced as a smart, simple and fun device. Unlike other trackers, Nike’s uses their own measurement unit called Fuel Score so that you can easily set and break your own goal every day. It also allows to create and join a sharing target group to encourage you and your friends on maintaining your health. The below research done among Nike fitbit Amazon reviews will help you to find out “Is that tracker worth to purchase?”

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Tracking Measurement and Accuracy

Instead of using a lot of factors like steps taken, calories burnt, hour won, kilometers run, etc., Nike provides the Nike Fuel to combine all measures into one single unit. Many users expressed their excitement in this new kind of point, described as fun and easy-to- understand. It encourages user to do a workout every day. However, some claimed that the tracker is not that accurate, sometimes it cannot count the actual steps when they walked. It also has the limitation on the types of activities it can record. Because the device recognizes user’s activities based on the movement of arms, bicycle or horseback riding, in which your arms stay still, are not tracked. On the other hand, lying at bed and swinging arm will also increase your Fuel score. Therefore, if your physical activity does not include moving your arms, your fuel points won't be representative of your daily efforts.

Charger and Battery

Nike said that the tracker could stay charge for up to 4 days. Amazingly, in some Nike FuelBand Amazon reviews, users confirmed that it can even do better, says it showed the charging notification after 7 days and the battery level was still yellow. Unfortunately, the large number of 1-star reviews are also relevant to Nike fitbit charger and battery. Some users complained that the device did not charge anymore and the battery was dead after 6 months. Some tried to return the products and felt disappointed with the service and policy.

Water resistant or waterproof

It is only guaranteed water resistant, not waterproof. Do not try to swim or dive with this device remaining on your arm. Yet, there is no issue with bathing or working under damp weather. Nike fitbit reviews show that most users were satisfied with water resistant feature, the tracker worked fine while they took a shower twice a day without taking it off.


Nike+ Fuelband design

As a wearable gear, Nike’s receives a good point with a very lightweight and comfortable-to-wear band. The design of Nike+ FuelBand is quite interesting while the activity is displayed in numbers and colors, providing the quick information such as Fuel point and Time.

The Auto-adjust LED is also concerned as a nice design which help user read the tracker’s info easily in different light conditions. However, the LED does not work efficiently under the midday full sun or strong light.

Software and connection

Some Nike fitbit Amazon reviewers claimed that they have problems with setting up the tracker and connecting it with their mobile devices. It seems like this tracker is only fully compatible with Apple’s and raises some troubles with Android phones. Users have to reboot the device multiple times before it could sync to the Bluetooth, which is very uncomfortable for who does not have good computer skills.

In short, every product has its own pros and cons. Leave a comment to tell us your experience or if you think the Nike’s gadgets are suitable for you or not.

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