Fitbit charge hr faq and more

Fitbit Charge HR is an updated version of the Fitbit Charge with the heart rate and some other extra features. Check out the Fitbit Charge HR FAQ for more information about this Fitbit’s item.

Does the Fitbit Charge HR track the treadmill?

This is the common question that you can also find in Fitbit Charge FAQ, Fitbit Charge 2 FAQ or Fitbit Zip FAQ while treadmill is a popular and easy-to-do workout in a busy life. Most fitness trackers cannot deal with this type of exercises because the trackers count steps based on the movement of the arm – where you wear the gadget.

However, the Fitbit Charge HR has a better balance gyroscope and accelerometer, separates it from a regular pedometer which requires a large threshold to register steps. Although the accuracy of tracking treadmill cannot be compared with the other actual step’s such as jogging or running, the Fitbit Charge HR uses a fine-tuned algorithm to estimate the number of steps as close as possible so it can help users to record some useful information while doing their fitness activity.

Besides, some suggest that you can put the Fitbit’s around your ankle or in your pocket of your pants. By doing so, the tracker can count your treadmill steps more accurately.

Is Fitbit Charge HR able to show the running distance?

The device does show distance while you are running, however this feature is claimed that it is not accurate. Fitbit Charge HR does not have the built-in GPS. Therefore, the distance is calculated by multiplying the number of steps and stride length that is estimated based on the given height and gender.

What is the battery duration?

Compare to the Fitbit Charge 2 which is last for 2 – 3 days, Fitbit Charge HR has a longer battery life, says up to 5 days unless you are doing “An Adventure”, which takes the battery down faster due to the syncing process.

Generally, you only need to charge your device for around 20 minutes, when you take a shower after workout, and it will be ready for your new long challenge.

Can I swim with the Fitbit Charge HR?

Not only in the Fitbit Charge HR FAQ, people also ask “Is Fitbit Charge 2 waterproof?”.

The answer is “No”. Both Fitbit’s devices are only guaranteed water resistant, not waterproof. That means you can wash your hand or take the shower without taking off the item, but do not put it in the water for a long time. Furthermore, Fitbit Charge HR also cannot track the movement which does not have an actual step like swimming, so it is no use to take it into the swimming pool.

How to track the heart rate over time?

Normally, the Fitbit Charge HR only shows your current heart rate on the led screen. However, you can use the phone or Web application to monitor your heart rate overtime. In addition, some reviewers give opinion that the Web application provides more in-depth information than the phone’s.

Does this track sleep automatically?

Yes, it does.

You only need to wear the device to bed. Then by detecting your movement and heart rate, Fitbit tracker can predict when you are asleep.  It also records your sleep pattern and the time you spent for each sleeping stage, how many times you awake and restless.

In the next morning, the sleep stats will be sync to your Fitbit app. You can see the sleep history as well as the analysis, which suggest some ways to improve your sleep for better health.

How to track my calories burnt?

When using Fitbit Charge HR, you can monitor your calories burnt through both the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) – the calories used for essential activities of your body such as breathing, brain processing and heartbeat, which is estimated based on your general information (gender, age, weight, etc.), and the calories burnt during the fitness activities. Choose the exercise mode feature manually so that the device can estimated the amount of calories burnt more exactly. Note that the calories burnt count will be reset at midnight.

Above are the common Fitbit Charge HR FAQ that provides some useful information about the Fitbit Charge HR. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment.

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