Activity Trackers – Jawbone Up24: A great fitness tracker with style and comfort

THE GOOD The Jawbone Up24 is an incredibly easy-to-use and enjoyable fitness tracker that counts steps, sleep, and calories. The Up24 is water-resistant, light, and comfortable to wear. The device syncs with iPhones and Android phones over Bluetooth.

THE BAD The Jawbone Up24 lacks a screen to quickly check your progress.

THE BOTTOM LINE If having a screen isn’t a priority, the Jawbone Up24’s superb app, clever advice, and comfy fit are hard to resist.

When we first reviewed the $150 Jawbone Up24 fitness tracker, we liked just about everything about it. It looked great, and it offered easy Bluetooth syncing with its companion app. The big drawback was that that app was iOS-only.

But Jawbone has now delivered on its promise to bring Android users into the fold, making a great device available to an even wider audience. The result is a top-notch fitness tracker that now works with the vast majority of smartphones on the market.

The Up24’s biggest rival was the Fitbit Force, the $130 wrist tracker that doubled as a wristwatch, thanks to the built-in display that the Up24 lacks. But Fitbit has since pulled the Force from the market, at least for the time being, while the company retools the product (it caused skin rashes for a small number of users).

When the Force returns to store shelves, we can debate its merits versus the Up24. In the meantime, the Up24 leaps to the top of our most-recommended list for wrist trackers. And unlike a lot of wearable gadgets, the Up24 looks great on men and women — think “bracelet,” not “clunky wristwatch.” It’s perfect for those who desire a dead-simple and fun UI, with the personal touch of individually-tailored insights.

Activity Trackers – Jawbone Up24: A great fitness tracker with style and comfort
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