Nike sports watch amazon review

Introduced as a run tracking device, the Nike+ Sport Watch features TomTom GPS places on Amazon with 3.4 out of 5 stars and has its own pros and cons reviews. Let checkout what do most customers comment about this device on Nike Sports Watch Amazon page.

GPS and Nike+ Sensor

Normally, the gadget use GPS to track user’s running distance, pace and location. However, it is also included the Shoe Sensor in box, which is used to improve the overall accuracy of it GPS device.

Regard to the Nike Sports Watch GPS Amazon reviews, the GPS sometimes takes more than 1 mins to connect to the GPS satellite. This leads to a bit frustrating when you have to wait a couple of minutes when leaving home before starting your run. Besides, you might also loose the connection when going through a tunnel and showing some incorrect data record when it is connected again.

To prevent these above GPS’s issues, Nike integrate the item with the Nike+ Shoe Sensor which should be placed underneath the sock liner of your left shoe. The sensor will be synchronized with you watch and track the run info when the GPS signal becomes weak. This sensor also helps to track the indoor activities such as treadmill.



Although GPS connection sometimes troubleshoot the connection timeout, its accuracy is claimed as quite accurate in some top Nike Sports Watch Amazon reviews. However, some says that it is not greater than the Garmin and the Nike+ running app. Again, this inaccurate problem might be related to the GPS connection issue. Nike Sports Watch Amazon reviewers also suggest un-pausing the watch 30 seconds before continuing a run, and walking for about 100 feet after turning around during and out-and-back run.


nike sports watch band replacement

Nike+ Sport Watch owns a fashionable design, receiving a great deal of complement on Nike Sports Watch Amazon review session. It looks sporty, having a thin band and a mix of black with neon yellow, comfortable to wear during the workout. However, in term of the Nike Sports Watch band replacement, some users are not satisfied with the non-replaceable band.

In addition, the Nike Sport Watch does not have touch screen, but the touch light which Nike says that to avoid accidental taps while you’re running. To wake up the gadget, you have to touch the screen for the back. It is sometimes annoying while user has to touch multiple time for it come on.

Nike Sports Watch battery life and water resistant

In standby mode, Nike guarantees the battery can last for up to 70 days. Yet, with the GPS and sensor is on, you can track up to 9 hours of running. Nike Sports Watch charger is the USB-port cable and takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge the rechargeable lithium polymer battery.

The Nike item is called water resistant up to 5ATM. While 5 ATM is approximately 130 feet or 40 meters, you will feel free to swim with this device. So far, there is no complain about these aspects of the Nike Sports Watch.


Nike Sports Watch functionality is quite limited. The watch does not have a built-in heart rate sensor, but it receives heart rate data from a transmitter, which is sold separately.

The narrow screen also leads to negative feedback from Amazon reviewers. The watch can only show two stats of your running at the same time. Your favorite stat will be represented in the bigger numbers and the secondary stat is in small numbers along the top. To see other numbers, you have to switch and choose the order of them again. Besides, there is no screen for the total time you have run so far, it is reset every mile so you have to keep track the time by yourself.

In short, Nike Sports Watch is a good-looking item and a best choice for running tracking. However, if you are looking for a multi-function watch, there might be other option. Leave the comment below to share us your opinion and experience about this product.

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