Fitbit charge vs charge 2 Comparison

Fitbit Charge 2, the upgraded version of Fitbit Charge, receives the better feedback on Amazon with 4.2 stars, compared to 3.5 stars of its older version. In this article, let checkout what is the gap between Fitbit Charge vs Charge 2.

From the design to the utilities, there are several differences between Fitbit Charge vs Charge 2. Fitbit introduces some new feature in the Charge 2 device, especially the PurePulse Heart Rate technology. This can be considered as the core updated function to develop other new features in this gadget.

Regarding the Fitbit’s popular product, the other Fitbit item that you might want to mention with the above devices is Fitbit Charge HR. If we compare the Fitbit Charge HR vs Charge 2 and Charge, we can see that the HR seems like the combination of the two others. The Fitbit Charge HR owns the elegant design of Fitbit Charge integrated to the Fitbit Charge 2’s function. Nevertheless, in this review, we will focus on the pros and cons of Fitbit Charge vs Charge 2, and leave the comments for Fitbit Charge 2 vs Charge HR to the later article.



Fitbit Charge 2 has a four-times-bigger OLED screen with the Tap Display

Fitbit Charge has a light design with only a small bright screen to display time and tracking info. The Fitbit’s size is perfect if you do not want anybody notice the tracking device on your wrist while exercising. However, some Amazon reviewers claim that its band does not seem durable and it easily falls off during the workout after less than a year using.

Fitbit Charge 2, on the other hand, has a four-times-bigger OLED screen with the Tap Display, which is more fashionable and provides greater user experience. The wristband is also flexible while Fitbit introduces the “Fitness wristband built for all-day”. You can wear it as a smart watch on daily activities, or move it higher on your wrist for better tracking accuracy when you take part in a workout. The band is also suit your ankle if you want to track the treadmill steps. In addition, this band is interchangeable so you can feel free to get the new band if it has some issues or you want to change the color rather than buy a new item.

Heart rate tracking

Heart rate tracking, one of new features of Fibit Charge 2

Heart rate tracking, one of new features of Fitbit Charge 2

One important update in the Fitbit Charge 2 is heart rate tracking feature. This feature is also provided in the Charge HR. The PurePulse feature measuring heart rate based on the user’s blood volume changes by the small light on the gadget. Compare to use the electrical impulses at chest, for example looking at the dissimilarity between the HR versions of Fitbit Charge vs Vivofit 2 – which use the data from external device such as Chest Strap, the accuracy of Fitbit’s heart rate detection is less accurate. Sometimes the Charge 2 may lose track of heart rate. In this case, just adjust the position of your tracker a little bit and do not over-tighten the band so that it does not prevent the blood movement.

However, this upgraded feature brings several benefits as it is more comfortable to wear. You can keep track of the heart rate zones info showed on the screen to adjust your workout, choose the suitable activity and manage your target.

Moreover, this technology is also used in Sleep Tracking feature. While Fitbit Charge only track the duration of your sleep and ring the alarm, Fitbit Charge 2 give more analysis data for the whole night. Using the heart rate ratio, the gadget can estimate the stage of your sleep and how well you sleep at night. It also gives you some advice to maintain your rest time to result the better overall health.

Waterproof and battery life

Fitbit Charge 2 is only Water resistant but not Waterproof

Fitbit Charge 2 is only Water resistant but not Waterproof

Both Fitbit Charge and Fitbit Charge 2 are water resistant. Unless wearing it when you swim, the Fitbit’s work well with other condition such as washing hand or taking a shower. However, you should not put the device under the water for a long time, especially the charging hole might be more sensitive with water than other parts of the product. To keep the device in a good condition, use wet towel to clean the band then dry it before putting on again to protect your skin.

Battery is also one similar aspect between Fitbit Charge 2 vs Charge. After 30 mins to charge the device, you can use it for up to a whole week, normally 5 – 7 days. This is very comfortable that you can use this Fitbit to track every activity and do not have to worry about charging. In addition, turn off the auto sync feature on your tracker when you do not need it can help you save more energy.

Essential features and utilities

The All-Day activity tracking feature on Fitbit Charge is remained on the Fitbit Charge 2. This feature provides multiple types of activities tracking, including track steps, distance, calories burnt, floor climbed and duration of each activity. On the Fitbit Charge 2, there is a GPS to track the distance better than estimating based on personal information and fitness activity types. Fitbit Charge 2 also provides the Multi-Sport Tracking, in which you can choose the type of sport so that the Fitbit can fine-tuned its estimating algorithm, or let it use the Smart Track feature to automatically log your workout when you forget.


Fitbit Charge 2 also provides the Multi-Sport Tracking

Using the Fitbit application on mobile or computer, you can also monitor your workout efficiency through the Cardio Fitness Level widget while using the Fitbit Charge 2. This function combines all your activities point and give the overall analysis and evaluation based on your age and gender.

One cool feature on the Fitbit Charge 2 is the Guide Breathing Sessions, which help you to relax after the load of work. This feature use the heart rate to detect the level of calm you are in and guide your deep breath. It is recommended to regularly use this session to enhance your mindfulness in your busy life.

Beside the same Call ID as Fitbit Charge, which notify the coming call to your mobile device to the wearable tracker, on Fitbit Charge 2 you can see the message and calendar notification. Due to the larger screen, you can also customize your clock face to choose your favorite one. All the configurations are easy to set up and comfortable to use.

In short, as the upgraded version from Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Charge 2 is introduced with several new features and utilities. However, the Fitbit Charge is still a good option to consider when you are looking for a suitable fitness tracker. Leave a comment to share your opinion about these two versions of Fitbit’s device.

Comparison Table:

Fitbit Charge Fitbit Charge 2
Design Discrete style Four-times-bigger OLED screen with the Tap Display
Heart Rate Trackig NO YES
Water Resistance YES YES
WaterProof NO NO
Battery Life SAME SAME
Essential fetures and utilites GOOD BETTER
NOTE 7.3 8
Conclusion Suitable fitness tracker, perfect choice for discreet people More fashionable and provides greater user experience
Product review link Fitbit charge Fitbit charge 2
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